Commitment to the Community

Recognising tangible displays of corporate social responsibility.


Commitment to the Community

The appeal and success of businesses doing more within their local community is growing quite sharply, as more people recognise and place an appropriate value on this way of engaging.

By supporting a vibrant local economy, many businesses with both a national and local presence are benefiting from enhanced reputations and the development of stronger local networks – with advent of more ‘realistic’ Corporate Social Responsibility contributions, this is now becoming a higher priority for both consumers and investors alike.

This award is open to all types of businesses and will go to the business that can best demonstrate how it has rolled out a project or initiative that has delivered significant and tangible benefits to the local community through the inclusion of:

  • Highly visible and tangible commitment towards the local economy
  • Clearly defined local Project or initiative success
  • Tangible benefits for the local community
  • Local community ‘project/initiative ‘legacy’ commitment
  • Local community support offered up as standard practice