Best Family Friendly (Wands) Business


Best Family Friendly (Wands) Business

Families love Wandsworth with its green spaces, great facilities and urban buzz. That it is the London borough of choice for families from all over the world is reflected in above average numbers of young families living and working here. Families are likely to feature significantly in your business too, whether as direct customers, end users of your products or services, or as your employees with family responsibilities. This is why we have decided to launch a new ‘Family Friendly Business Award’ this year.

Families come in all shapes and sizes and catering for their needs as customers or employees may call for creative and flexible solutions. For example, some parent or carer customers may need a little extra assistance if they have a disabled child or young person to look after. Or an employee may need to adapt their work hours for a while if they have to take on an extra family caring role. When it comes to offering family friendly solutions, businesses who get it right can reap benefits in several ways:

  • Attracting customers who come back again and who promote you to their wider network of friends and family
  • Retaining skilled staff when parents and carers feel supported as your employees
  • Employing local people with local knowledge who would like to work reduced hours
  • Broadening your pool of candidates and mirroring your client base by recruiting a diverse workforce
  • Raising your profile in terms of corporate social responsibility

This new award aims to highlight the many ways that businesses, both small and large, demonstrate that they are ‘family friendly’. We are particularly interested to hear about initiatives to support parents and carers of children or young people with special needs or disabilities. Below are some of the features we believe help to foster a ‘family friendly’ environment. Not all will be relevant to all settings but we believe all sectors, large and small have something to offer and we look forward to hearing what makes your business special.

  • Children and young people with special needs or disabilities made to feel welcome
  • Parents and carers offered support if they ask for it
  • An area or room set aside when families need quiet space
  • Breast feeding facilities
  • Nappy changing areas that dads can use too
  • Toys or games provided for youngsters if they visit your facility
  • Food geared towards children’s needs
  • Concessions for carers or those they look after
  • Family friendly employment practices such as flexible working to help working parents
  • Training for staff on helping carers with a disabled child or other dependant
  • Other ways in which you make your business ‘family friendly’